【Zoom lens】Zoom lens in mobile phone applications

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Mobile phone has become an indispensable item for people, the Internet, listening to music, taking photos, work can be completed. Today, I mainly talk about the recent hot mobile phone zoom shooting. In the past, most mobile phone manufacturers increase the number of prime lenses to meet the needs of shooting different focal segments. However, if the lens is constantly increased, the cost and aesthetics will be affected.

When buying a new phone, we will face a pile of seemingly esoteric parameters, while mobile phone lens only about finger size, but it also has a lot of knowledge, and this year's major mobile phone manufacturers alike will zoom lens as a big selling point of the flagship phone, from the side reflects the increase of user demand for camera.

                                                        100 x hybrid zoom

Zoom way

Usually manufacturers give three numerical values: optical zoom, hybrid zoom and digital zoom. What do they mean? Below, we will introduce respectively:

1. Optical zoom, which is equivalent to zooming in the distance between your eyes and distant objects with a magnifying glass, is a zoom method with no loss of image quality, and the image taken by the lens is completely presented on the screen.

2, digital zoom, relying on software to cut the picture to achieve the visual effect of distant objects closer, in fact, it is not zoom, but from the existing picture zoom, image quality loss is large.

3, hybrid zoom, is the first digital zoom, in the way (lens, algorithm, etc.) picture quality compensation.

Image quality order: optical zoom > mixed zoom > digital zoom.

Optical zoom phone structure

It is difficult to install a zoom lens on a smartphone. To achieve zoom over a wide range, the camera needs to keep enough distance between the front lens and the camera's sensor, but smartphones offer only a limited amount of distance, as users tend to prefer slimmer phones. However, there are also plans to increase the zoom distance by adding a prism to reflect light, which is the newer "hidden" zoom structure.

As shown above, light changes 45 degrees through a mirror and enters a "repose" lens. This structure can reduce the thickness of the phone, greatly increase the zoom room, and increase the optical zoom ratio, making it a more ideal structure. The latest flagship even has 10x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom.

How to understand the zoom factor

Zoom multiple is actually the maximum value of variable focal length than the minimum value, a parameter that describes the zoom range, for example, the focal length of a lens can be changed from 25mm to 125mm, so his zoom multiple is 125/25=5, while the actual focal length of a mobile phone lens is very short, usually the focal length is the equivalent focal length.

When in the optical zoom, the picture quality is usually higher, and if the optical zoom is exceeded, the picture quality is usually higher. At this time, the lens focal length is no longer changed, but the compensation effect is better. Although the image quality will have a certain loss, it is generally acceptable. Continue to increase the zoom, it is just a simple zooming picture, picture clarity decreased, and the jitter is very serious.

The above is a sample of a new flagship. The pixels of the sample from 1X to 10X are basically unchanged, and the image quality from 10X to 30X still has a high degree of reduction. Therefore, under the same frame, the larger the optical zoom power is, the farther the observation is, and the stronger the telephoto capability of this lens is.

Well, I believe that after reading this article, you also have a deeper understanding of the zoom lens of the phone, the next time you change the phone must find out the most important part from the numerous product parameters.


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