【MachineVision】The future Developing Trends for Machine Vision

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Machine vision is applied in all industry, especially for company with high standard and supervision, such as food & drink, pharmacy, manufacture of medical equipment and so on. There are many reasons for enterprise turning to automation techniques of factory, because it is hard to recruit and force production line of enterprise to be automated, instead of workers, machine is more effective to improve production efficiency.


一、The application of 3D imaging and robot hand will continue to expand

Industry automation promote production line of factory to be smarter and reduce labor instead of manpower. Along with arise of integrated solution for 3D sensor and robot, machine vision is used in detection of quality control and already achieved wide application.  

二、The application of deep learning added

The arrival of 5G data help autonomous car provide computing power based on cloud computing. Massive mmTC permit processing tons of data out of cloud to apply in machine vision, with the use of depth for CNNS classifier.

三、The massive increase in robot

According to union data of international robot, the best seller of robot is in 2018, and sales volume of industrial robot increase by 31%. It helps to promote robot in the field of industrial automation, for the trends of humans in collaborative robot, ease of use and process learning. In the future, it will be easier and faster for industrial robot to use interface programming visually. Also, it will support flexible production with small amounts and high complexity in collaboration of man-machine. The lowering complexity makes robot and vision system achieve extensive use in medium and long term.

四、Detection technique of hyperspectral imaging analysis 

Hyperspectral imaging system provide performance analysis of chemical material with industrial environment in next generation modularity. It makes chemical component analyze in standard system of machine vision, for visual molecular structure of color chemistry imaging by different color result, and the typical application includes plastic detection in meat production, detection in different recyclable material and quality control in bubble pill inspection. The main obstacles of such system is to handle data and speed, while, the 2019 hot topic is still quicker settlement, better algorithm and development of camera calibration.

五、More and more popularization in industrial detection of thermal imagery

The camera of thermal imagery is traditionally used in national defense, security and public safety. While the technique of thermal imagery is widely used in detection, the thermal data is key factor for many industry applications, such as vehicle or accessories manufacturing in electrical industry. Even if machine vision can detect production problem, it can not detect thermal abnormity. And it is constantly developing field in combination of thermal imagery and machine vision, which makes manufacturer is able to detect problem that naked eye or standard camera system can not see. What is more, the technique of thermal imagery provide non-contact high precise temperature measurement and lossless detection, which is a developing direction of machine vision and auto-control field.


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