【optical lens】high-value electronic optical components.

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Optical lens industry con

tinues to develop, has formed a complete industrial chain.Optical lens is located in the center of the optical components industry chain, industry chain including upstream optical lens materials, optical glass, optical plastics), middle optical element of spherical mirror is mainly spherical lens, and color filter manufacturing of optoelectronic devices, and laminated glass of camera lens, plastic camera lens, glass and plastic mixture of cameras and other production and manufacturing, while the middle and lower reaches is the main purpose of the optical lens, including smartphones, tablet, sports camera, unmanned, smart home system, such as security monitoring system and VR/AR and other industries.

The production and manufacture of optical lens are mainly applied to raw materials such as nitrate, plastic mechanical equipment, metal material mechanical equipment, mechanical and electrical engineering.Upstream and downstream manufacturing industries produced raw materials for the harm of optical lens commodities are mainly reflected in the price factor and quality factor.For example, the price of raw materials such as electronic components will rise, which will lead to the increase in the cost of optical lens production;If the quality of optical raw materials does not meet industry standards, the quality of optical lens will be difficult to guarantee or optical lens shipments will be reduced.

Optical lens is a high-value optical element, which is composed of multiple lenses, VCM ring motors, spacer rings, image sensors, FPC, etc.In the value chain, image sensors accounted for 52% of camera modules, followed by modules (20%) and optical lenses (19%).

The upstream core components of optical module mainly include optical lens, CIS chip, filter, motor, etc.

The barrier of optical lens technology is very high, mainly reflected in the patent, production technology, mold three aspects.Very few companies actually mass-produce high-quality lenses.

China's optical lens started late, until 2008, the domestic market has been monopolized by foreign enterprises.At that time, the design and manufacturing level of developed countries far exceeded the domestic level, among which the best were Germany and Japan.Excellent tradition and rich experience have created epoch-making optical giants such as Germany's leica and Carl chase.Japan's high value for money after the second world war gave birth to established companies such as Canon, Canon, Fuji and Olympus.

After 2000, the domestic optical industry began to catch up with the support of the state.At present, the global optical lens industry is shifting to China, which has initially broken the original monopoly, and a number of excellent domestic lens companies have begun to shine.

China's leading continuously to the upstream extension of the whole industrial chain layout, industrial trends to strengthen, leading competitiveness!Leading companies further layout of the optical industry chain, continue to extend to the upstream of the industrial chain development, to create vertical industry integration in the field of optics, strengthen product competitiveness.


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