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Optical lenses should be very familia with machine vision industry,because lenses is essential components in detection system of machine vision.Some of lenses may exist some image deformity,so we need know about lenses theory,here is the details.

In machine vision system,optical lenses is equivalent of humans eyes,the main function is to focus optical image on imaging sensor.The quality of lenses directly impact on whole performance,as all image information is processed by machine vision via lenses.It is very difficulty to recover in latter part once the information is destroyed during imaging system.One of the key technology in vision system is industrial lenses choice or image path designing.

There are kinds of optical lenses,classified by focal length,it can be short focal length,middle focal length and zoom lenses;classified by size of field view,it can be wide angle,standard and telephoto lenses;classified by structure,it can be prime lenses with fixed aperture,manual aperture or automatic aperture;or it can be zoom lenses with manual,automatic aperture or automatic aperture/focal length/focusing ect.

It exists image deformity during imaging for optical lenses.Major distortion will be puzzled in vision system,and you should think it carefully while imaging designing,including minor distortion of lenses,catching viewing field with minor distortion of center field.The other character of lenses is spectrum,mainly influenced by interference of lenses coating and material absorption,requiring the ray of lenses with the highest resolution match wave length with illumination and CCD device which accepted,and make optical lenses improve light transmittance of this wave length.You can get some special effection if choosing proper light filter,also,pay attention on kinds of astigmatic effection for design of imaging path.

Lenses is also the essential part of television monitoring,the combination of lenses and CCD industrial camera,can make remote object imaging on chart of CCD industrial camera,then optical image from system is transformed into signal of video/digital via lenses.

The lenses of machine vision with high quality from DZ Optics,adopt design of ultra-low anamorphose,low rate of distortion and kinds of correction way for optics.It can minimize aberretion and keep higher MTF in high band of spatial frequency.The lenses with high contrast and definition,firm mechanical design and adjustable locking device,which is quite suitable for situation of high image quality,such as factory automation,machine vision,smart detection,picture processing ect,can match  kinds of industrial camera,and it is widely used in medical industry,printing detection,LCD screen detection,glass detection,solar energy detection,lithium battery detection,circuit board detection ect.and system of industrial machine vision and picture processing,such as high precision measurement,detection and identification.


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