【Industrial lens】Industrial lens selection method and calculation formula

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Method / Step 1:

First, we must determine the interface, sensor size and resolution of the industrial camera. For example, if we have a 2/3 "industrial camera, C mount, 5 megapixels ; then we can first determine that the required industrial lens is a C mount, which supports at least 2/3", 5 megapixels or more, or the pair is 160LP.


Method / Step 2:

Second, determine the field of view (FOV) and working distance (WD) to be achieved, and then calculate the focal length (f) of the industrial lens according to these two requirements and the known target surface size. The calculation formula is:

Focal length f = WD × sensor size (H or V) / FOV (H or V)

Field of view FOV (H or V) = WD × sensor size (H or V) / focal length (f)

Field of view FOV (H or V) = sensor size (H or V) / optical magnification

Working distance WD = f (focal length) × sensor size / FOV (H or V)

Optical magnification = sensor size (H or V) / FOV (H or V)


Method / Step 3:

For example, if the field of view is 100 * 100mm, WD. is 500mm; then we first determine from the working distance that the focal length of the industrial lens should be below 50mm (the name of the industrial lens is DZO-5018M, the preceding letter indicates the DZO brand, and 50 indicates the focal length of 50mm, 18 Indicates the maximum aperture), the focal lengths of industrial lenses on the market are generally 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm. Combined with the sensor size of the camera to determine which model, the smaller the focal length of the industrial lens, the larger the angle of view, and the correspondingly larger field of view.


If the sensor size is 2/3 ", you can choose 35mm focal length industrial lens; if the sensor size is 1/2"  then requires a 25mm focal length industrial lens, or smaller .... And so on.


In the selection process of industrial lenses, in order to facilitate the calculation of industrial lens parameters, here below is the sensor size table for you reference.

1.1 Inches the sensor size is 12mm wide * 12mm high, and the diagonal is 17mm

1.0 inch the sensor size is 12.7mm wide * 9.6mm high, 16mm diagonal

2/3 inch the sensor size is8.8mm wide * 6.6mm high, 11mm diagonal

1 / 1.8 inch the sensor size is 7.2mm wide * 5.4mm high, 9mm diagonal

1/2 inch the sensor size is 6.4mm wide * 4.8mm high, 8mm diagonal

1/3 inch the sensor size is 4.8mm wide * 3.6mm high, 6mm diagonal

1/4 inch the sensor size is 3.2mm wide * 2.4mm high, 4mm diagonal


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