【Industrial lens】Industrial lens future development trend

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With the development of the automation industry, machine vision has become an emerging industry with technological innovation and industrial demand. With the transfer of global manufacturing centers to China, the Chinese machine vision market has become the focus of international manufacturers.By 2020, the size of China's machine vision market is expected to exceed 12 billion yuan, and the annual growth rate from 2017 to 2020 will exceed 15%.

With the accumulation of auxiliary infrastructure construction, technology, and capital in China, industrial automation and intelligence requirements for machine vision technology in various industries have begun to appear widely. In the past two years, domestic universities, research institutes and enterprises have actively explored and tried in the field of mechanical vision technology.

Development status of industrial lens

Machine vision technology refers to simulating human visual effects based on ingested images, and obtaining information content, solving in many ways, and finally used for inspection, accurate measurement, resolution and manipulation.At the current stage abroad, the key to the popularization of machine vision technology is reflected in the semiconductor materials and electronics industries, of which about 40% -50% are concentrated on semiconductor chips. For example, circuit board packaging and printing, electronic packaging, SMT surface patch, electronic circuit welding, etc., must use machine vision technology system software technology.

Generally speaking, the machine vision industry chain mainly includes the upstream component-level market, the midstream system integration / complete equipment market and the downstream application market.Among them, the upstream parts market mainly includes software and hardware providers such as light sources, lenses, industrial cameras, frame grabbers, and image processing software; midstream mainly has integration and machine equipment providers; with the continuous improvement of various technologies, machine vision The downstream application fields have also been continuously widened. From the beginning, they are mainly used for electronic assembly inspection, and have developed into more and more extensive industrial application fields such as identification, quality inspection, dimensional measurement, and robot positioning.

The electronics manufacturing industry is the earliest field of application of industrial vision in China, and it is also the largest application field at present, mainly focusing on precision positioning and inspection. The automotive industry is currently the second largest application industry for industrial lenses, mainly used in panel printing quality inspection, character inspection, precision measurement, workpiece surface defect inspection, and self-curved surface inspection.

At present, 2/3 of the end market of machine vision products is occupied by electronics manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, and municipal transportation industries. However, from the perspective of future development, the automation level of industries such as printing and packaging, food materials, medicine, and tobacco will be further improved. The demand for products will also continue to grow substantially.

New development direction of industrial lens

According to the survey statistics of the China Machine Vision Industry Alliance, there are now more than 200 international machine vision brands in China, more than 100 Chinese own machine vision brands, and more than 100 professional machine vision system integrators. These enterprises are mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai Rim region, covering all machine vision industry chain products from light sources, industrial cameras, industrial lenses, image capture cards and smart cameras.

According to incomplete statistics, from 2017 to the first half of 2018, there were nearly 20 machine vision enterprise financing events. With the help of capital, China's machine vision market has accelerated its fermentation, and has formed a situation of "a hundred schools of contention".


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