【Industrial Lens】 Introduction of Industrial Lens

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All the image information content solved by the visual recognition system is obtained according to the camera lens, and the quality of the camera lens immediately jeopardizes the overall characteristics of the visual recognition system.Once the information content has a significant loss in the imaging system software, it is very difficult to try to repair in the later stage. Efficient selection of camera lens and design scheme for developing laser light path is one of the core technologies of visual recognition system.


There are many types of industrial lenses, which can be classified into focal length, short focal length, medium focal length, long focal length, and zoom lens; from the size of the field of view, it can be divided into wide angle, standard, and telephoto lenses; structurally, Can also be divided into fixed aperture fixed focus lens, manual aperture fixed focus lens, automatic aperture fixed focus lens, manual zoom lens, automatic aperture electric zoom lens, electric three variable lens (aperture, focal length, focus all three), etc.


Lens imaging is more or less distorted. Large distortions will cause great trouble to the visual system. Detailed consideration should be given to this in the imaging design, including the use of lenses with small distortion, and the effective field of view only taking the center field of view with less distortion. Another characteristic of the lens is its spectral characteristic, which is mainly affected by the interference characteristics of the lens coating and the absorption characteristics of the material. It is required that the light of the highest resolution of the lens should be matched with the illumination wavelength and the acceptance wavelength of the CCD device, and the light transmittance of the optical lens to this wavelength should be increased as much as possible. Selecting appropriate filters in the imaging system can achieve some special effects. In addition, the design of the imaging optical path also needs to pay attention to the effects of various stray light.


The lens is also an indispensable component in TV monitoring. The lens cooperates with a CCD industrial camera to image a long-range target on the CCD target surface of the industrial camera, and then converts the optical image formed by the optical imaging system into video / digital signal. The industrial lens developed by Dimension Vision Image Production adopts ultra-low distortion design, low distortion rate, and various optical correction methods to minimize the occurrence of aberrations, so that it can be maintained high in the frequency band with high spatial frequency MTF value, high contrast clarity, industrial lens rugged mechanical design, adjusted locking device, very suitable for factory automation, machine vision, image processing and other occasions that have very high image quality requirements, can cooperate with megapixels above 1 / 3, 1/2, 2/3 industrial cameras are widely used in industrial machine vision and image processing systems such as industrial security monitoring, high-precision measurement, detection, and identification



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