DZO Oriental optics invites you to participate in the shenzhen international full touch and display exhibition

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From November 21 to 23, 2019, DZO dongzheng optics will bring a variety of high-quality industrial lenses to participate in the south China international industrial automation exhibition in booth 2L01, hall 2, shenzhen convention and exhibition center

In the past two years, the flexible electronic industry with great flexibility has been constantly emerging, bringing huge imagination space to the touch display technology. Besides "curved screen" and "folded screen", OLED, laser projection, LCD splicing and other display technologies are creating more application scenarios covering 3C, automobile, new retail, medical care, education and government affairs under the environment of rapid evolution of flexible electronic technology. More convenient human-computer interaction driven by 5G, as well as large-scale, lightweight, flexible and display technologies are forming a trend, becoming the next market trend for domestic and foreign leading companies to compete for.

In the face of the huge number of comprehensive screen, fingerprint identification, dual-camera module and other product applications, not only brought unprecedented wonderful experience to consumers, but also put forward unprecedented precision standards for electronic manufacturing and processing.

In order to achieve the processing accuracy beyond human eyes and ensure the quality of products, the ultra-high precision automatic processing equipment combined with the positioning function of machine vision, a variety of online and offline machine vision detection equipment has become a sharp tool for electronic manufacturers to create their own competitive advantages. As an extension of human vision on machines, machine vision realizes the automatic judgment and recognition of workpiece size, shape, color and other characteristics, and can process a large amount of information in a short period of time. It is a necessary means to realize industrial automation and intelligence. The exhibition at the same time will launch "test and measurement and machine vision exhibition", in the frontier area, from the world's touch screen, display, home appliance, tablet, mobile phone design and downstream buyers of consumer electronics manufacturing, will have the opportunity to see machine vision and camera module in cutting-edge technologies and solutions, and through the exhibition platform to build relationships with suppliers, to maximize contribute to innovative technology combined with the practical application.

Aiming at this exhibition, we specially launched the upgraded telecentric lens, which is more stable in structure and better in performance. In addition, we will display our 16K line scanning lens, which has the advantages of high resolution, up to 200 line pairs, v-bayonet design, nearly zero distortion, and high consistency from center to edge. Products cover: 62, 82 two Φ Φ target surface, magnification from 0.22 to 4.5 times, working distance, from 110 to 660 mm all kinds of different specifications of products. According to the measured comparison with 16K line sweep lens of domestic and international brands, the 16K lens of dongzheng optics is more stable, clearer, more balanced and more cost-effective.

The exhibition will be held in no. 1, no. 2 and no. 9 exhibition halls of shenzhen convention and exhibition center, covering an area of more than 60,000 square meters. DZO dongzheng optics will be in booth 2L01, no.2 exhibition hall.

From November 21 to 23, 2019, we will meet you at booth 2L01, hall 2, shenzhen convention and exhibition center.


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