Dongzheng optics won the title of national industry quality leading enterprise

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congratulations to dongzheng optics on winning the following honor in the "China quality inspection association" 2019 315 product and service quality integrity commitment campaign under the supervision of the state administration for market regulation:

National product and service quality integrity demonstration enterprises

National optical lens industry quality leading enterprises

National quality inspection stable qualified products

With the advent of the industry 4.0 era, the machine vision industry also rises rapidly. Dongzheng optics is one of the professional optical solution suppliers that meet the needs of machine vision industry. In addition to telecentric lens, high-definition line (plane) lens, macro lens, 3D oblique lens and fisheye lens, we also provide customized service for customers.

As a member of China machine vision industry alliance and the draftsman of industrial lens standard, dongzheng optics always attaches great importance to quality. All the time for the quality of the dedication and adhere to our products in the industry widely praised.

Good products come from good design. In the design process, we not only meet the needs of customers and the market, but also consider the stability of the product; In the production process, each batch of incoming materials should be strictly screened by IQC. Each part of us has to pass strict inspection by PQC before entering the next process. Each of our finished products is subject to strict inspection by FQC before reaching the customer. At the same time, in order to ensure the accuracy of the inspection, our company has been equipped with various professional testing equipment in recent years. In addition, our company is gradually introducing the ISO9001 quality management system, will further improve our quality assurance system. Finally, deeply engraved in the mind of each orthodox person "quality" two words, is the most powerful guarantee of product quality!

Dongzheng optics is dedicated to provide professional optical solutions for your needs. Welcome to inquire by telephone!


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