【Line scan lens】Calculation method of line scan rate of line scan lens

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To ensure that the captured image is not stretched or compressed, the line scan lens must comply with the point that "the horizontal and vertical resolutions are equal".

First set the following variables:

(1) The number of pixels per line of line scan camera (unit: pixel): Hc


(2) The width of the target (unit: m): Lo


(3) Target running speed (unit: m/s): Vo


(4) Linear scan rate of linear array camera (unit: Hz, ie line/s): Vc


(6) The running time of scanning a frame of image target (unit: s): To


(7) Scanning time of the line scan camera for scanning one frame of image(unit: s): Tc

Then, the horizontal resolution is: Lo/Hc, the value of the calibration paper/single camera pixel (4096)


The vertical resolution is: (Vo* To) / (Vc* Tc ), speed/line value


It is easy to know that To = Tc


According to the principle of "the horizontal and vertical resolutions are equal", the formula is as follows:


Lo/ Hc = Vo / Vc


Then the line scan rate of the camera is:


Vc = Hc * Vo / Lo


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