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18 May 2020 In: Lens Wiki Hit 1580

【Industrial Lens】 Introduction of Industrial Lens

There are many types of industrial lenses, which can be classified into focal length, short focal length, medium focal length, long focal length,...
18 May 2020 In: Lens Wiki Hit 2035

【Industrial Lens】 The difference between industrial lens and civilian camera lens

The industrial lens is equivalent to the crystalline lens of the human eye. If there is no crystalline lens, the human eye cannot see any objects;...
11 May 2020 In: Industry information Hit 3083
29 April 2020 In: APPLICATION CASE Hit 1861

Application of line scan lens in color sorting industry

Color selection, as the name implies, is a device that uses a machine vision system to automatically separate materials to be measured according to...
27 April 2020 In: Industry information Hit 3375

【optical lens】high-value electronic optical components.

optical lens,high-value electronic optical components.
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