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Shenzhen Dongzheng Optical Technology Co., Ltd  (DZOptics) is a modern private enterprise, the company is committed to the optical industry for more than 10 years. Involved in the field of intelligent detection, security, medical, military, scientific research, laser, lighting, optical communications and other industries. Optical processing in a highly competitive industry.

Industrial optical applications lens professional suppliers

VR Lens
In the year of 2016, DZO specially developed a new lens brand—VRCA for VR market. The two kinds of VR lenses share a very compact size, but with a 220°and 190°wide angle seperately. Supporting M43 format, these two lenses distinguish themselves from a less than 0.5% F-theta distortion and a 16mm total thinness. We manage to provide our customers with a smaller and lighter solution as well as an outstanding performance.

FA Industrial Lens
With up to 160lp/mm high resolution ratio, this kind of lens can be compatible with industrial cameras of more than 5Mp resolution and can support cameras with 2/3-inch or one-inch target surface.

Large target surface lens and full range of line scanning lens
Applicable cameras cover almost all types of industrial line cameras from 2K to 16K. Up to 200lp/mm high resolution, super low distortion rate and excellent ability for chromatic aberration correction can perfectly satisfy all sorts of demands of line detections, such as AOI, print checking, detections for non-woven fabrics, leather and railway track, as well as screening and color sorting. Apart from that, we can provide more outstanding service in lens choosing to help clients better accomplish their project.

Telecentric lens with ultra low distortion rate
Experimental results indicate the distortion rate of this product can be 0.02% or even lower. To better meet clients’ requirements for machine vision inspection and high resolution, we can not only provide 2/3-inch and one-inch Telecentric lenses, but also line scanning Telecentric products such as 8K, 12K and 16K, which allows us to offer superior service to high-end customers.

Customized optical design and lens
Our company has developed a separate department for optical design. Most of our designers are experienced and has provided wonderful designs for many famous enterprises, such as Nokia, Microsoft, Sharp, Sanyo and Samsung. Lots of fine cases have gained praise from clients. We maintain the attitude of seriousness and carefulness throughout our whole process of design, treat every client with patience and spare no effort to offer satisfactory works to our clients.